About Us

Jill Oja-Johnson, organizer, owner and operator of Allow Me, LLC is passionate about helping others get organized. She is a four-year member of NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers. She is certified in Clear and Simple Organizing and is certified to teach others the Clear and Simple organizing systems: See it, Map It, Do it and STACKS (Sort, Toss, Assign, Contain, Keep it Up and Simplify). She understands that we all have busy lives and too much stuff and by simplifying our world, life becomes a little easier. She loves watching others have an "Ah Ha" moment, when they become organized. Experience the thrill of being organized and allow Jill to help you get there.

Jill is originally from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, born and raised a "yooper." As a child she was a messy little slob. Even today, her mother cannot believe she loves to be organized and is helping others to be organized. She has lived in many places around the world, including Mexico and Kenya where she became a master at living in small spaces with few items. She moved West in the 90's and has made Jackson, Wyoming her home for the last ten years. She is an avid outdoor woman, enjoying all the fun outdoor activities Teton County has to offer. Besides being an organizer, she is a Realtor with Snake River Properties, and she works for the State of Wyoming with children and adults with developmental disabilities. Jill lives in Wilson with her husband Kurt and two dogs, Kibo and Chloe.

Jill's approach to organizing is different from other organizers. With her sincere, genuine manner, she will never force you rid of your precious items, instead she will guide you in understanding what you need and why and where those items need to be placed. She will work with you to design systems that work for you individually. What works for one person may not work for someone else. Her talent and imagination is infectious and you will end up wanting and needing to be organized. She will work with items you already have in your home, or she will search for organizing materials that work best in the spaces you wish to have organized. Whether it's a closet (her favorite) your garage or barn, office files or books, packing for a big move, or unpacking from a trip, Jill's uncomplicated style will motivate you experience to a more simple life. Start now and you won't be let down. Fasten your seatbelt and experience the thrill of being organized.